Hyper-personalised, automated financial technology.

Roll-out hyper-personalized digital products & customer experiences as quickly and efficiently as fintechs.

We’re transforming today’s financial tech, closed systems and prohibitive pricing. Our out-of-the-box, open-source, automative technology makes hyper-personalisation at hyper-speed a reality in weeks, not years. 

Rapid deployment 2 to 4 weeks for single/multiple scenarios or customer journeys.


„Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of fintech startups like N26 and Monzo to challenge the incumbents with new products like challenger banks. But what if the big banks wanted to compete in that game themselves? This is the aim of FintechOS, a startup that actually aims to help incumbents compete in this brave new, competitive, world.

FintechOS allows banks and insurance companies to act and react faster than the new upstarts on the scene with plug and play products.”
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Proud and honoured of our latest awards:

FintechOS is this year’s hottest fintech startup in Europe, according to reputed tech founders, investors and journalists FintechOS, featured in The FinTech50 2020 Yearbook

FintechOS was voted the Hottest FinTech Startup in Europe at the Europas awards (previously won by Starling & Revolut) for "helping banks and insurers accelerate digital transformation and build end-to-end digital products in weeks rather than months." This just highlights the level of work we carry out.