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Embedded Finance for Credit Unions and Regional Banks:
A Building-Block Approach

This report examines:

  • Changing Consumer Expectations
  • Market Trends & Opportunity
  • Challenges for Regional Banks and Credit Unions
  • How to Implement A Building-Block Approach

AB_FTOS Building Block Approach

Embedded finance is transforming banking.

Consumers now demand life-centric financial solutions, with innovations like buy-now-pay-later and instant credit becoming standard. While major banks and tech giants heavily invest in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), smaller institutions face challenges due to limited resources and outdated systems.

Credit unions and regional banks can adopt a building-block approach, starting small and expanding through strategic partnerships and innovative platforms.

This report provides insights into the market potential and strategic approaches for financial institutions to innovate and thrive in the embedded finance landscape. 

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