The 4 Steps to Future-Fit SME Banking

What’s gone wrong with traditional SME banking and what can they do in response? How can bankers tackle today’s threats while seizing tomorrow’s opportunities?

Get the latest research on the state of the SME banking industry combined with insights from SME banking leaders spearheading digital change in their organisations.

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SME banking is at a turning point. Customer demands are shifting, new digital players are targeting unmet meets, and the clever use of tech looks set to decide who’ll dominate the market of the future.

In mapping out a strategy for change, SME banking leaders should consider two challenges:

  • How can they confront the threat of nimble, digital-first challengers coming to market with offerings more tailored to SMEs’ needs?
  • And can they compete with challengers while laying the foundations for a service model that satisfies a broader need set and generates new sources of revenue?
Table of contents:
  • The SME banking opportunity
  • What’s gone wrong with traditional SME banking
  • What do SMEs expect from their bank
  • The 4 steps to future-fit SME banking
  • How our technology can help banks better serve SMEs